A few frames from...


Two weeks ago we were up in Stockholm shooting a wedding and the Sunday after the wedding we had a beautiful day of some simple ingredients. Just wandered around in the semi-cold weather, visiting our favorite spots as well as trying some new places. 

For my camera and Fujifilm readers, these are all shot on the new X-T2, with XF lenses of 14, 23 and 56 mm. 

X-T2 and XF 23 mm f/1.4

Autumn has been a favorite season of mine the last couple of years (this can change over time you know) and this years' version has been extra special. So far quite warm and slow so that you have time to appreciate the colors. Now though, we expect colder weather to sweep in and make the process over to winter more swift. 

But this day was just pure energy, we made sure to collect a bunch of great moments.

X-T2 and XF 23 mm f/1.4

Quite the moment during sunset on Riddarholmen in central Stockholm. Regret I did not walk up to them afterwards and offer them this image. 

X-T2 and XF 14 mm