Barrage of Colors [Pt. Two]

So here goes the second part of that colorful summary of this terrific fall season. While it may seem that I have been able to go around and capture a good variety of colors (or I'll let you be the judge of that), I regret not taking the time to go out in the forests around here and really capture what fall is all about. There are so many trips and places I want to visit in fall, and hopefully I will have the opportunity in the future. Believe me, I had the urge but could simply not find enough time to head out for any longer trips. Uni has to be my #1 priority and I have in some ways spent too much time on my photography during the last couple of years. So, right now I try get better at balancing the two major interests I have. So even though I haven't had the proper time for any longer photography, leisure sessions I always try to see the small moments in between.

Still, pretty amazing what colors you can collect in the urban environment.

Been using the Fujifilm X-T2 and the X-Pro2 continuously the last month and a half and have been contemplating doing a comparison/review between the two. Photography is only a side-interest for me, although a big one, and currently I have to focus and prioritize on my studies in Industrial Design Engineering. That's just the way it is. If I find the time to do it I want to angle it differently somehow to all the other reviews out there so I won't end up stating the same things others already have been saying since the X-T2 came out. 

They are both excellent cameras and I can honestly say that it's roughly 50/50 when I'm leaving my apartment and have to decide quickly between the two. I think that says a lot actually, some days you just prefer one feel and look over the other, knowing that you will get the same results out of the two. 

More to come.