If you are a follower of my Instagram you might have seen an image or two of a very distinct and special pen during the last couple of weeks. It comes from the Manchester, UK, based company Ajoto, that specialises in making fine tools for our everyday journeys and that happens to be some of the best crafted pencils in the world (IMO). I first came into contact with the brand when we were visiting the London Design Fair in 2014 from my university and design engineering studies. Noticed the attention to details and the profound craftsmanship that these products elicited. 

We've stayed in touch since and I was very happy to get the chance recently to shoot some new material for them, combining my interest of photography with my "real" area of studies and work - industrial design engineering. It always works the best when you really enjoy and agree with philosophy of a brand's story and identity, makes it so much more authentic and easy to work with. I'll keep my new pencil around and take it with me basically wherever I go, especially during my travels and will snap the occasional photo of it here and there.

In the mean time you can have a look at the new gallery of images I added over here and have a look at their website and great line of products as well. As you know I like to work with the available light of highlights and shadows. Think it makes the images more natural and interesting than just plain studio-shots in way.

Shot on the X-T2 and X-Pro2

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