Window Shopping

Weekend Thoughts

The insane phenomenon of Black Friday is finally over (almost I think?) for this year. An American invention to create even more crazy levels of consumerism among people. As if the world needed more products being wasted and more material flows that are terrible for our future and planet. Even in Sweden it has become a real issue and pretty much every store is doing their version of this shopping-mania. 

Window shopping is indeed the best way of shopping. Let's hope more can see the pleasure in not buying a single object in the future, rejecting the level of consumerism that we currently see almost everywhere. And if you should happen to come across something you really care for and need, then you can at least aim to make a really rational and sound investment as a starting point. Inevitably our behavior in the economic and materialistic society will change, the question is only when?

Hope you had a great weekend. Images shot on the X-Pro2 and XF 23 f/1.4