Barrage of Colors [Pt. One]

Fall is making one last hurrah here in Sweden. Been an unusually good one this year with a  lot of warm days and great colors on the trees, save for the last week(s) or so that has been a little more rainy and cold. Per usual it has been a hectic time in Uni with little time over for photographic activities, but I always try my best to capture moments to and from places.

Always have my camera with me.

Last Sunday was just one of those "perfect" autumn days with crisp temperatures, sunny skies and a barrage of colors everywhere you looked. We went out and biked around time, had a little fun with some horses along the way and just thoroughly enjoyed the golden environments around us. 

One of the things with always having your camera with you and snapping photos spontaneously is that you end up with a lot of photos from different places and contexts, which can be hard summarize nicely in one blog post or so. I often try to share an image a day on my Instagram or so but sometimes I'm not in the mood for that either so you end up with a long row of great candidates in your Lighroom catalogues. And all photos that never make it from your drives is just unfortunate and a little bit sad in todays digital mayhem of sharing possibilities. It's all about balance of course, but it can be hard to share photos from a season like fall sometimes where you some days collect a bunch of great ones but never have time or energy to share them. I'm sure many of you out there know what I mean. 

So here I thought I could perhaps try to do a couple of post and fill them with some of the most amazing fall colors of these past couple of weeks. Does that sound good? Yeah, I do hope so. Enjoy all the autumn scenes around you know for they won't come around for a year in these northern parts of the world.

All photos here shot on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XF 23 mm f/1.4

Enjoy your Sunday now!