TbT: Murano and the Workshop

Last winter (January, 2016) I took a spontaneous trip to Venezia between my study periods and what a trip it turned out to be. Sure I had expectations (second visit to Venice, first in winter though) but they were met and exceeded easily. My hopes had been to wander the narrow alleys, sit by the canals and just take my time and observe all the details that make up this place. I got all I could have hoped for and so much more. Looking back at the images it makes me so so happy about everything about that trip. Sure, the weather was absolutely stellar and some people have commented that afterwards (after I released my stories on Exposure) that I must have gotten really lucky about that, but truth to be told I think it would have been equally amazing with fog and cloudy weather as well. Just different. 

Venezia, view from Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore

During that stay in Venice I also took a couple of excursions to the sister islands - one to Murano and and another one to Burano (Thanks Johan for the tip!). Each island has its certain characteristics and charm. Murano being famous for its world renowned glass-making and Burano for the candy-like colored houses. I enjoyed both very much and during my short time exploring Murano I happened to take a little detour on one of the tiny "streets" and end up in a workshop with the greatest of atmosphere. I met the owner, lets call him Antonio, and even though we could talk in English or anything like that we got an understanding and I could walk around the place and take in all the character and detail of the place. Light was incredible as well. 

Arriving to Murano with the ferry from Venezia

It may not seem like much for the world, but for me looking at this I can remember being there with all the smells, the sounds of the Opera on the radio and the lights streaming in through the windows. It's these kind of moments that stick with you, and the trip to Venezia and the neighboring islands were filled with them. Incredibly happy about the memories.

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Ponte S.Martino, Murano