Rainy Weekend

Summer has been very up-and-down weatherwise, which is quite usual for a classic Swedish summer. People long for the endless days of sunshine and then complain about the weather as if there was anything they could do about it. Every year it's the same thing. And then when they get back from vacation the sun comes out and here we go again. I'm not sure when we last had a so called "super-summer". Why not appreciate the the variation and different weather instead?

X-Pro2 and lenses of 23, 35 and 90 mm

I'm not the one that complains about the weather as I find rain as charming as sunshine quite often. I've always been that way more or less, likely deriving from when I was younger when "bad weather" meant it was okay to stay inside and play Gameboy. Of course there are occasions where you prefer clear skies, but I find rain and dark skies relaxing for the mind. And there are a lot of potential, since less people tend to do stuff on such days. You can explore more freely, see new things and appreciate other activities. 

Best thing is to head out in pouring rain in the city with a nice umbrella and snap a couple frames. And have a cup of coffee in a nice courtyard (like above). Simple things.

Love rain.