Two Days in Oslo

Just returned from spending two days in our neighboring capital of Oslo, Norway over the weekend. Always enjoying being in Norway, although this is nothing like the dramatic nature of the fjords or the northern parts like Lofoten. It's the culture, the language and lovely atmosphere. 

X-Pro2 and lenses of 14 and 23 mm.

I was up there to shoot a wedding on Saturday (went very well) and that took most of the time, naturally. The location was in central Oslo and I was quite surprised to find this lovely and rustic yard, as you can get a sense of in the two images below. Weather was very instabil but we were quite fortunate throughout the day and in the end, and obviously you need to be prepared for anything and still see the opportunities in every situation. I had pondered wether I should get myself a XF 16-55 mm WR lens, which I can see some advantages in using during weddings outside, but in the end I stayed in my comfort zone in using my primes (the 23 mm on the X-T1 and 56 mm on the X-Pro2 for the key moments during the ceremony). A decision I'm quite happy with as I know how few the moments are when I would opt for the zoom. I'm a prime shooter by choice and a happy one I should add. The images will be satisfactory and I feel I got what I needed to deliver the quality I want to achieve in my work. 

A big thank you to Ida & Halvor for having me as their wedding photographer. Congratulations to now being husband and wife, and I wish you a great honeymoon in San Francisco and Hawaii.

In the spare time on Friday night and Sunday morning before my travel back home to Gothenburg I spent some time exploring the ever-growing amount of interesting architecture in Oslo. New buildings, urban meeting places and all kinds of infrastructural things are popping everywhere, making it a very interesting city to explore. It's not only the famous Opera House that offers interesting angles, groundbreaking design and architecture can be found almost everywhere I soon came to realize. It was a couple of years since I had time to walk around here and it's changing rapidly.

Impressive geometries

Also had time for a beer. Hope you all had a great weekend,