New Site - Welcome

It has taken some time, but I have finally pulled the trigger on moving my site. Finally.

Long time in the making.

The basis for me switching and creating a brand new site was this; 

...I wanted to have the best possible combination of content, design and experience. 

If the content is good, the main objective is to display it in a great way that's easy for you to take in as well as easy for me to create. It was a good experience before at my wordpress site, but this new site I have hopes to be great. That's the objective.

This new site is based on Squarespace, which in contrary to wordpress works more in a way that you edit and design directly on to the site, rather than behind the scenes and the update. I think this way works better for me and hopefully the user experience of the site will be improved. At least I think so. 

A lot is still left to be done. Content needs to be added, content needs to be fixed and details needs to be attended to. But the overall look and design is here. And overall I'm very happy and excited by the fresh start and look. 

Give me some time to get things more underway and then I'm all ears to hear your thoughts on the move.

Let me know what you think.