Oslo Wedding

Since I'm now back at Uni for the fall semester the wedding season (at least for my part) is taking a breather. Next one is up in Stockholm on October 1st, which I'm very much looking forward to. 

Three weeks ago I was up in Oslo and shot a lovely wedding and thought I'd share some shots from that. It was a full-day wedding but the shots below are only from a couple of hours during the ceremony and portraits. Maybe I'll share some more later on. Ida and Halvor were married on the 20th of August and happily they choose me as their visual documentarian of the day. Two very warm persons and it was obvious how much they cared for each other, something I always like to see as a photographer. If there's a spark there (obviously there usually is, but not always!) it makes my task so much easier and more interesting to work with. 

In order to stay passionate in what you're doing you should not overdo it. That's how I see shooting weddings, that you should not just take every offer you get and end up losing the passion of capturing such a memorable and emotional day. It's like sports, you got to get pumped, get hyped and in tuned with the moments to be at your A-game. A balance that is more important than you realize sometimes. If you're not inspired it will lower any professional or amateur photographer alike, it's that important.


Ida & Halvor

The location of the wedding was in central Oslo, but we found a couple of nice places nearby that we could create some magic with. I walked around a bit the evening before in pouring rain to see what could work and I think we landed on some good spots. It's always a bit tricky that part and I'm the kind of photographer that likes to see the moment and act spontaneously on the spot. Something I think only helps, but sometimes it's good to get a proper view of the surroundings to see if there's particular potential on a spot or a certain angle at a certain time of the day that could be golden. 

The bouquet and flowers of the bride were beautiful in my opinion. A pleasure to have that splash  of colors in the frame. Absolutely lovely.

X-Pro2 and lenses of 14 mm, 23 mm and 56 mm in these images. Also used an X-T1, 35 mm f/2 and 90 mm throughout the day.