A day in Stockholm + GFX sneak peak

As I briefly mentioned in my last post I was up in Stockholm for roughly 10 hours (a day) last week. Between a couple of meetings I obviously took the opportunity to take a few photos. Stockholm has never been a hometown of mine but I'm regularly visiting in both jobs, school and leisure activities. It's kind of funny how you pretty much always visit the same places even though you pretty much know what to expect and see. Though I always try to do some new exploration wherever I go, and this time I tried out a couple of new coffee places that I haven't been to before - Cafe Pascal and Drop Coffee Roasters. A lot of caffeine this day, I can tell you that. 

Scandinavian Dusk


I also stopped by the Fujifilm Nordic HQ to have a chat with the Nordic manager Kalle, who is my contact there. My main area was actually to pick up a XF 50-140 lens, but then he brought out the new Fujifilm GFX and two additional lenses to this new medium format system! So excited to get my hands on this camera (which is due to be officially presented on the 19th (tmwr), so only a couple of hours left to the event in Japan. Obviously this is a huge step for Fujifilm and I really hope to be able to take a camera with me on a trip and really try it out. I got to play with it for some time and took some photos of course but naturally I was not allowed to share any images with you, sorry! Thanks as always Kalle and Ludvig though for your time, appreciate it!

And Fuji, if you're reading this, please send me a GFX and I'll do some magic with it! =)