Lappland & Lofoten: Part One

X-Pro2 w XF 14 mm

X-Pro2 w XF 14 mm

I'm really happy to finally be able to share this with you

This Sunday I finally came to terms with myself and published the first part (out of two) of my story from last years (early March 2016) trip to Lappland and Lofoten during late winter. It was an incredible experience and adventure in every sense. Obviously the editing part has been an ongoing process for quite some time, slowly working myself through all the great moments. Never rushing it. Right from the very first frame I knew it would be some great material, which is partly why it has taken me such a long time to go through. You want it to be perfect, but that's an illusion and something that will never be the case so for me it was about "kill your darlings" and just get to it. It may not be exactly the way I intended but it is good enough. It is always a balance when taking your time to let the images "soak in" and actually putting something together. It takes time. And effort. 

X-Pro2 w XF 90 mm

X-Pro2 w XF 90 mm

From the feedback I have gotten so far it seems that people are enjoying this new story, which makes me very happy indeed. For me it has always been about forwarding inspiration to others around me and it makes me so glad to see that my ability to do that only gets a bigger and bigger crowd with you out there. The more the merrier!

In this first part I'll take you through just a glimpse of allt the great experiences we had, featuring the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, raw winter in Lofoten and a little bit of northern lights. I always struggle with keeping the amount of images down in order for a browser to be able to handle it, it is just so hard to choose. However that's part of the process and in the end I think I found an OK balance in this part. Not too long, but still with the core moments and frames. Without me going through the story here as well I just urge you to head over there and have good, long look for yourself! Since this is far from my first story from Lofoten I haven't spend too much time writing background facts to the certain locations but rather the main ones and then let the images speak for themselves. Also, don't forget to turn on the music in the beginning, I think it complements the story quite well (courtesy of Tony Andersson and his great cinematic music). 

I'll let the images and landscapes speak for themselves...

All the images are shot a early (but final production-) version of the Fujifilm X-Pro2, with XF lenses of 14, 23, 56, 90 and 55-200 mm. If you haven't found the click-through links yet here is the URL: 

Much thanks for all the support.