Here are a few more shots from this great Tuesday afternoon. It is very rare to find these conditions at the same time, I was just happy that I decided to go quickly form work that day and get the drone up during the last few minutes of daylight. Mirror-like reflections, snow-heavy treetops and those tones of winter. A quite stunning combination. 

Just picked a few of the many shots, had so much fun (and ice cold fingers as a result) getting those great perspectives with what I had in front of the camera. Just limitless potential, the only thing stopping me from exploring more was the need to change battery on the drone, fading light and the range of connection between the drone and controller. Still, so happy with many of the shots (got a lot more to show you). Have not decided how to share the mix of photography quite yet and where to best place the drone-related photography (not to mention the video!) in combination with my regular photography. I find it so much easier to create a theme and story with my regular photography, while the drone material is much more unique to each shot in a way. Over time I will get better at combining the two and creating some really good mix of photography and storytelling through the different perspectives. Also looking forward to editing something together based on some of the video I have collected from the drone over the last month and a half. Maybe for a New Years summary or Christmas special?



Phantom 4 Pro