Lappland & Lofoten: Part Two

Some weeks later it is now time to follow up my story from Lappland & Lofoten with the second part. Wanted to give the first part some breathing room and a chance for people to get a good look at the first part before bringing out the second. The reception has been great and I'm always very happy to hear thoughts on my work so thank you for giving some feedback to me. This journey provided some incredible experiences and I knew from the start the images would turn out great, so it has been a bit of a struggle to get it out the way I want it. Obviously you want to get the maximum exposure on the pieces you are really proud of, but I don't control social media, how people like/comment and so on.

Either way, the photos from these two parts I believe are some of my best work in travel and adventure photography. I'm really happy about it.

If you only have time to view the photos, look here at my gallery, or head over to the story right over here

The second part takes focus on our days in Lofoten when we stayed in the lovely hostel in Å and headed out for adventures in the windy, rainy and harsh semi-winter weather of Lofoten. While that may sound like not so great conditions, it is quite the opposite actually and suits these landscapes better than anything else in my opinion. Having been there in summertime I know how it looks in the midnight sun (have a look at my album here) as well as in these windy, cloudy conditions. Both are amazing and must be experienced. 

It also features our journey back to Lappland and Jukkasjärvi, where we enjoyed playing with the reindeers and experienced quite the spectacular northern lights show. So many great moments and I'm happy to share a few of in this story. 

As usual I'm always happy to hear from you and what you think about my work. For collaborations head over to contact and send me a message over there and I'll get back as soon as I can. Cheers!