First few frames - X100F

I betting I am not the first one smitten by the X100-line of camera from Fujifilm. They are truly the very start of the X-series of cameras and this new, fourth edition of the original X100 model still holds true to the same values and design as its predecessors. Not much has changed, and that's a good thing. While I never have never personally owned an X100 camera of either editions, so much goes through the other cameras (X-E, X-T and X-Pro lines that I use) and I have always enjoyed my experience with this premium compact. 

 Thanks to my friends over at Fujifilm Nordic I now have one sample (black version as you can see above) with me everywhere I go practically and I intend to test it as much as I possibly can. Hopefully they let me have it with me during our trip to Hong Kong and Japan which we are so excited to embark on soon. 

Below are some quick snapshots that I have captured so far. All moments of my daily life at home in Gothenburg, the moments in between university and studies. Maybe I will share my thoughts on the camera and my experience with it in a later post, however I am still very much pondering releasing some form of review or thoughts on the X-Pro2/X-T2 cameras. So much within me to share, so little time to get it done. 

Well well.