Hello out there.

It has been a bit infrequent posting here at the blog lately. Sorry about that. It's funny actually, I used to post much more often before (at my old site) and just making sure to keep things up as good as I could, while I now don't seem do do it as often. The funny part about it is that I actually have so much more and better content I could (and should) show you than what I used to, not the other way around, Trust me, there is no lack of stuff to share/post/write about. The issue is only time and inspiration. While I am still shooting Fujifilm and really happy about it still, I could have done a million posts and feedback on gear and workflow reviews, but I am focusing on other things instead. Mainly my main profession in Industrial Design Engineering, but also developing my photography and skills within this field. And honestly, there are so many great reviewers out there and the last thing the world needs is a "...another review", so why not focus on creating inspiring content that hopefully encourages others to get out there and actually shoot. Of course I'll always be happy to answer any questions and thoughts on what gear I use and love, a bit how I work and so on. I might even do the occasionally "review" if I find the time and feel it is the right thing to share, but the point here is that I aim to trim away on the gear-related posts and features. In the end it is about the experience of taking a photograph and what that photograph represents that truly matters. Also, I'm finishing up my MSc in IDE so I am about to embark on that journey for real soon!

Our latest trip to Hong Kong and Japan (Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo) was an amazing one. So many experiences and impressions that it is only natural to take a while and let it sink in. So much great content that I would love to share, and I am contemplating on what the best way to do that is. An album here on my site, a couple of Exposure-stories or a bunch of blog posts? Maybe a combination? We'll see. However I promise it will be worth the wait. 

Let me know if you have any input on my thoughts. Always eager to hear.


Tokyo, X100F

Tokyo, X100F