Hong Kong project: live

Sharing single, tiny images on Instagram is of course a great thing in terms of tools for reaching people fast but also very frustrating. Quickly consumed, easily accessible but also quickly forgotten. And yes, the format is so tiny it never comes close to being fare to the content. Getting peoples attention, if only for a brief moment, is very hard today. 

From our recent trip to Hong Kong, Osaka/Kyoto and Tokyo I am now bringing out my first part in that series - Hong Kong. This time around I am starting here at my portfolio site and not at my regular way of starting via Exposure. The reason for that is simply that I haven't had the time yet to write and put together the story, so for now I will let the images speak for themselves here at my portfolio site. I aim to have a story alongside it in due time as well, but for now I can't say exactly when that will be. However, the main focus should of course be on the photography.

I could've written so much to each image, there's a story to each one of them, but there is not room or time for that at this point. Hopefully I can give some more context to them in my story. All shot on a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and an X100F. 

Hong Kong, 23-28 March

Enjoy, I hope you like them as much as I do.