Curves, lines and reflections

I don't think I have landed mentally yet from our graduation and life is still rushing on. Jobs, apartments and similar tiny details. Hopefully I can get the pieces into places one at a time. While I am balancing between resting my mind and stressing out about life decisions I have not regained my ability to write longer posts yet. Hopefully that will come back eventually. I have some insane backlog of images to go through, primarily from Japan this spring. I feel so bad every time I scroll through Lightroom and see all that great material, fingers crossed that I will find discipline and time to make something great out of it. 

Been shooting sporadically, mostly finding some interest in urban design, lines and architecture lately. Also I am alternating been the cameras quite well so for tonight I have one from each actually to show you.

Hope you had a great weekend!


X-Pro2 and Canon FD 50 mm f/1.4


X-T2 and XF 16 mm