Travel Update (+interview feature)

Hi there, sorry for not posting here for some time. Been busy with all kinds of things lately and just last week we were away on a little road trip in the Alps, going from Bavaria Germany and through Austria, Slovenia and the Italian Dolomites. All that in just over a week, so quite a compact schedule this time around. A fantastic trip with an abundance of beautiful sights and incredible experiences, and also meant for us to find places that we can return to and explore further for longer trips. Will tell you (and show you photos of course) a lot more over time here as I get to import all the photos and start going through the material. 

[Before I will have time for that I I'm in the middle of moving and hopefully finalizing the details around new a new place to live, which is both time and energy consuming. Hopefully everything will work out fine.]

On this trip I took with me my X-T2 along with lenses of 14 mm, 35 mm f/2, Canon FD 50 mm f/1.4 and XF 50-140 mm, along with the X100F. That means I left my 16 mm, 23 mm and 56 mm at home, which usually are the lenses I use for most assignments while at home. In the end I wanted to keep it fairly compact and it worked out wonderfully. I do love my 14 mm.

Looking forward sharing a lot of photos from this trip soon, in both an album here on my portfolio site but also a little Exposure-story in time. I'm well aware I still have to go through all my work from Japan (last year and this year). 

(yeah, also have a look at a new site for creatives that I am featured photographer at. It's called "Mâché" and there you can also read a little interview with me.)



X-T2 + XF 14 mm