W. Thirty-seven

Week Thirty-Seven

Last week was mostly about crazy hail- and rain showers, with the occasional spectacular sunsets and colours. Fall is coming as they say and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. Here's a quick recap of some of things and moments collected.

All images shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2

Cold mornings means a nice crisp finish

Cold mornings means a nice crisp finish

We are about in our 4th week now in our new place and we are taking baby steps of furnishing it. It is an exhausting process but a fun one as well of course. We must not rush things, even though it is easy to get ahead of yourself when projecting and imagining certain pieces in certain places. Fortunately we are two and together can help each other make better decisions. As of now we have mainly focused on the home office room (so happy about having a dedicated office!!) and our bedroom, while the living room (one really big room) will take some more time to figure out and also get the economy to decorate it our way. 

The Beolit 17, one of our new core pieces.

The Beolit 17, one of our new core pieces.

But yeah, the weather lately has been absolutely crazy. Some nice sunshine at times but swift shifts to intense, dark skies filled with hail and rain has been the theme lately. Most often though, that also means some pretty dramatic views in the sky, as seen below. And it's good to always remember to bring your camera, event though it is absolutely pouring outside. Which has mostly been the X-Pro2 w the XF 35 mm this week with the weather resistance... 


We also went out Saturday morning for a breath of fresh air plus coffee in the forest. Really great morning and we definitely try to make the most out of our new location being so close to nature. Everytime we head out for a walk/run/bike in the forest next to us it immediately improves your thinking and mood. Found some yellow gold also as seen below, made for a tasty evening sandwich! 

Jonas Jacobsson