W. Thirty-eight

So let's do the weekly roundup of snapshots! Another week of a lot of changing colours and weathers, mixed with some outdoor moments. 

Shot on the X-Pro2, X-T2 and X100F

We are still getting used to having so close to nature and just have the ability to go out and have stroll in the forest, it still feels strange - but GOOD! Something I just didn't anticipate at this stage having this new apartment but rather perhaps some years from now, but we are so grateful and happy. It feels as if we are taking several steps forward in terms of the living-situation, which will take some time adapting to and growing into, and we are so happy about it. Like I've been saying before the apartment-hunting the last year has been emotionally draining and frustrating a lot of time so it feels really good knowing that we put so much time and effort into it. 

Other than that I am still looking for interesting opportunities in my engineering career now that I've gotten my master's degree. We'll see what happens but I'm really motivated to get started on something challenging!! Of course my photography will always be something I do as much as I can and hopefully I can develop that even further now also, never fear. I'm starting to do more and more moving image again and I'm really eager to push myself further in that field as well. 

On another note, September is just a great month for natural light. Maybe it's the best light during the whole year. The conditions in the mornings and evenings especially is simply incredible, never get tired of it. It's just a tiny bit softer that summer, a little less harsh. 

Hope you all had a great week and here's to a the new week ahead!