Shifting years

Happy New Year everyone!

2017 has just come to an end. New year today, all kinds of silly promises and fresh starts being made today on the 1st of January. This time usually also means time for reflection and for most photographers out there (which is more or less everyone these days) a look back in the visual diary and camera roll. The past year has once again been incredible, but also challenging in many ways. That mix is of course to be expected, and embraced. 

During the holidays now I did take look in the good old Lightroom catalogues to see what I had captured on camera during the past 365 days. It is always fun process but very time consuming as you get stuck everywhere in the moments and all of the different memories that comes along with it. Putting together a "Year in Review" kind of story on my exposure page has started to become somewhat of a tradition and I will have one from 2017 as well. The story is being put together as of now and will hopefully be "finished" (I am trying to get better at realising material that is OK good and not always striving for some kind of impossible perfection) in a few days. And as usual it is looking to be quite extensive, I mean it is really hard to pick and choose from a whole year of memories! But it will be good, so hopefully you will make it through. It is mainly about the moments and the great things I will remember, rather than a story focused on the greatest images I shot or the grandest land- or cityscapes. Exposure has also been releasing some new features that I have been eager to try out and incorporate in this story. 

So I will leave you with only one memory of 2017 today, from our visit to Kyoto, Japan. (spoiler, Japan is the once again our greatest highlight of the year) The rest will come in the story! Stay tuned. 

Again, hope you all had a great year and I wish you a great 2018! Let's make it special.



Kyoto, Japan. [X-Pro2 + XF 50-140]

Kyoto, Japan. [X-Pro2 + XF 50-140]