Breath of Fresh Air

First few weekends of 2018 has largely been spent outdoors, with cameras, friends and thermos(es) of hot coffee. A very pleasant start to the new year in other words!


Even though we have been missing the snow here in southern Sweden (not that we are that used to it lately), it has been fairly sunny and crisp weather. I usually miss all the green in nature during winter and early spring, making everything look bleak and gray, so this time around it has been good to be able to have the drone with me to see some new perspectives and colors that you otherwise would not be able to see. Mix it up with my regular camera, more of dynamic experience.  And the lack of "life" in nature makes you look for other angles, finding new ways to capture the moments. We have been at a few places around Gothenburg and to my big surprise there actually is a small waterfall here nearby. Growing up here I had no idea about that, even though it is not exactly a waterfall by "Icelandic" standards, still pretty surprising. 

Been using the X-Pro2 with the XF 16 mm a lot lately, mixed with the X100F that I also carry with me as my daily camera to and from work. Both such great tools, still enjoy to pick them up pretty much every day. And then of course my Phantom 4 Pro for all the aerial shots. Really like the one on the right side here, from the nearby lake Lygnern, with the pier going straight out in the water and the clouds reflecting in the calm surface. 

Have you had a chance to check out my year in review story btw? A bunch of great moments from the past year all in one story. Been getting a lot of great feedback and happy responses from all over the world, really appreciate all the kind words! For those of you that have followed me for some time you know that my main purpose with my photography is to spread the inspiration for exploring and traveling, so it is always so rewarding hearing the people get such inspiration from my work. Sparks energy in me and makes it easier to keep doing this. 

Started to land/catch the drone about a month back and after a sort of nervous first landing I now always take in the hands. Much more fun this way!