Kyoto & Osaka projects

Been working on and off on the images from last years trip to Japan and haven't had time yet to put anything up really from our amazing experiences from Kyoto and Osaka (plus surroundings). Like always I believe the images deserves a lot more attention from my side and I always want to blow up the projects into bigtime stories and really spent every little moment I can on them. But sometimes that is just not possible and since I shared the Tokyo story not to long ago I thought I'd just quietly release and upload the projects from Kyoto and Osaka here on my portfolio site. Hope that is okay for now., the two projects, Kyoto and Osaka (decided to split them up last second to be able to include a few more shots) are now up my landing page here (travel). I will add more content to them and refine them over time but I just couldn't wait any longer. Some shots you may have seen before but most of it should be new. Had a great time going through all the footage from that trip  this weekend, but so hard to just to narrow it down to a few hundred... Let me know what you think and hope it brings you some inspiration. 


(click either image and it will take you to the projects)