2017 - Year in review [Visual Story]

About a week later than I had planned but tonight I finally got the "2017 - Year in review" story done and published. Ultimately I always use to aim right on New Years Day for these kinds of loopbacks, but in the end I decided not to rush it.  As I mention in the foreword, this is visual story focusing on some of the moments and memories I take with me from the past year, it is not supposed to be the "All Star" images of the past year if you know what I mean. Turned out quite well I think!

I always enjoy doing this particular story, looking back and actually taking time to appreciate things again and remind one that there were some pretty incredible experiences that likely are memories for a lifetime. 

My stories does tend to be a bit long and extensive, but hopefully you can make it through. You should know still that I really do my best at cutting away and carefully select the photos, composition and disposition. It is just a lot to choose from ;)

Just click the image below and it will take you to the story.