Time off - finally

I just love this season. Changing weather, changing colours. Not that I am a fan of the days getting shorter in terms of daylight, but the climate and colours are just really amazing. It hits me every time, especially after such a warm and dry summer it is in my opinion so refreshing to get some rain, winds and other wise known as bad weather. It is all about the variation it creates and the different light in the sky. I’m a fan of it, for sure.

First weekend now in a while that really felt like time off, otherwise it has been 200% level in my UX Service Designer role for the last month or so. Haven’t really done anything else than work, so it was just so good to get a whole weekend off. It is always a good sign when you have your camera with you and start to get in a good flow, that is when (at least for me) you start to get in a flow and just for a second forget the present. That is time off for me.


Even managed to bring the drone out a few times. Fascinating to see the changes and also how far in the changes to autumn some areas have come while others are still 1-2 weeks behind. Hope to be able to catch a lot more great autumn views from above this year.