Summer Weekends [Updated]

The Exposure story is now live over here. Go have a look! 

It has become something of a tradition at this point, spending a weekend at our friend David's house just outside of Kungshamn on the Swedish west coast. For the last few years we have gathered a group of friends and had ourselves a great weekend in the summer, involving lots of barbecue, crayfish and dips in the ocean. And every year this has become a real highlight of the summer, marking a time for vacation, classic summer activities and just a really good time. 

Once you step out of the car after driving up on Friday afternoon it is always that great feeling of relaxation and freedom. Always a good thing to let go of work sometimes, which is something I have to try hard to be able to do. During daytime it is all about UX Design and during evenings and all other time basically I am tweaking and working on my photography craft. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy about this as I have said many times before, but it is healthy and good for me to not be able to sit down in front of Lightroom/Sketch/Final Cut Pro X/Website work or similar. When we are up here it is just good times with friends. 

That does not mean I don't carry a camera with me though of course. It enhances the experience when I can capture some of the great moments, and I do think that is appreciated by people around as well. It is so important to take care of the photographs/videos you capture so I will try to put together a simple story on my Exposure profile also, along with a little video as well. During this weekend I was testing a new camera also (quite exciting) and I am currently trying to make up my mind and thoughts around it. Looks promising though! =) 

Here are a few shots from this great weekend.