Interview for FujiLove


Just wanted to let you know that I did an interview for FujiLove that is now available for all their readers (and potential new subscribers). In this piece I share a few images, a little bit about myself and my philosophy as a photographer. 

I've been photographing with Fujifilm cameras for quite a long time now, almost six years at this point. The equipment and products have been great for me and I have a great collaborative relationship with Fujifilm Nordics here that I am very happy about. In this area I also used to do a lot of reviews and testing of gear, building on the experience and interest I have in product design from my other career and studies within Industrial Design Engineering. Nowadays I have scaled back on that substantially as I focus more on other projects, work and clients. Still as interested though in the the products we hold in our hands to make photographs so I am always happy be part of interviews/projects where I can share my thoughts on my photography, way of working and then also the equipment. 

If you are a Fujifilm photographer (as I know many of you are here) or just curious to see my piece in the magazine, head over there and have a look

Hope you enjoy! 


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