Snow and waffles

So I guess winter season if officially here?

Unlike last year’s arctic winter and incredible amount of snow, this time around has been quite the opposite with very little snow (if anything at all). Even if we are only still in the last days of January, our minds somehow feel like it should be cold, snowy and all winter-like from December 1st and until sometime around end of February or something like that. Which is generally not the case, it is just how at least winter is placed out in my head.

Even though snowfall in these parts of Sweden does not last particularly long and usually results in some really slushy conditions in the streets, it is always a great feeling when you open the curtains in the morning and are greeted by all this light. Because that is the for sure the biggest thing - it makes everything so much brighter and also somehow muffles sounds so it feels like everything is much more dampened. So, with quite a rich snowfall over Saturday and Sunday, we spent the majority of the weekend outdoors and just enjoying ourselves in the winter wonderland. We really do appreciate having so close to such great nature, everything within walking distance from from home. Pretty great.

Made sure to stop and have waffles with cloudberry jam (the best!), both on Saturday and Sunday. Is there anything better on cold winter days?

Hope you also had a great weekend!



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