A few from Copenhagen



Feels like I am saying this pretty much all the time, but I am looking to update the content and a little bit how I present my work here on my website. Many ideas, so much new and updated content that need some space. While it seems like very little is happening here on the outside, it is the complete different behind the scenes. In this process of updating the content I am also looking into how I want to tweak the current setup in terms of categories and how pages look. Nothing major, but some suddle updates here and there. As always I am always keen on hearing any thought on what you would like to see more of, both here in the journal and also other pages.

Finally got our heads out of the sand and took the train down to Copenhagen for a weekend just recently. Like always this place only seems to get better for every day. Restaurants, retail, food, drinks, the vibe - it all seems to be put together so well here. Our neighbors are really great at creating that good atmosphere. Some spring vibes with 10 degrees celsius and warming sun did not make it worse either.